Sun Kiss

Body Hydrator with Self-Tan

3 Patents | 18 Actives | 7 Bio-Oils
200ml 6.7fl oz e

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This daily body moisturiser contains subtle levels of an eco-certified botanical self-tanning agent with skin-softening bio-oils to create a beautifully hydrated, natural and healthy glow whilst also helping to prolong the life of your tan.

Sun Kiss lrg

Aquaxyl™ intensively moisturises skin to leave it soft and supple.
PROTEOL™ APL helps to stimulate cell renewal.

Eco-certified Sugar Beet derived self-tanning agent helps deliver a 'sun-kissed' glow.
Anti-oxidising Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Fig Extract help cool and calm the skin.

Kalahari Watermelon Seed Oil is easily absorbed and intensively nourishing.
Macadamia and Olive Oils help to protect against environmental damage.

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  4. Easy, peasy tan Review by Naturismo Customer

    Goes on quite thick but has a delicate fragrance & leaves a lovely touch of bronze on the first application. More applications create a much darker tan. Lasted for more than a week before I had to scrub off and start again. Shame about how expensive it is! Nice treat though x Lilly White, Worcestershire (Posted on 17/01/2014)

  5. My skin feels (combination) soft and moisturised after Review by Beauty Expert Customer

    MY FIRST CLEANSING BALM. I wear light makeup and this Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm takes it off. I warm it in my hands and massage all over my dry face for a minute. It feels like a thick oil (balm), some sparse, tiny granules in it that disappears after a while and spreads easily. I use a wet cotton pad to wipe it off (twice) and rinse. This does not emulsify unlike some cleansing oils that can be washed off leaving no oily feel. My skin feels (combination) soft and moisturised after, leaving a coat of moisturiser. It smells herbal, quite nice to me. The only downside is the price. 4 star (Posted on 17/01/2014)

  6. Really perfect! Review by Cosmania Customer

    Really perfect! Nice even colour, fragrant and fast picking. 5 Stars (Posted on 17/01/2014)

  7. Gentle tan Review by Clare

    I have sensitive and fair skin, so most tanning products full of chemicals react badly with my skin, but this one didn't. This product is perfect; it goes on really easily, leaves you with super moisturised skin, provides a lovely hint of natural colour; you can develop a darker colour over a couple of days and does not streak. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone......! (Posted on 17/01/2014)

  8. Streak-free, scent-free and fuss-free Review by enots

    For someone who cannot apply fake tan to save her life, this product is a godsend. Streak-free, scent-free and fuss-free. (Posted on 17/01/2014)

  9. Streak-free, scent-free and fuss-free. Review by enots

    For someone who cannot apply fake tan to save her life, this product is a godsend. Streak-free, scent-free and fuss-free. (Posted on 14/02/2013)

  10. Gentle tan Review by Clare

    I have sensitive and fair skin, so most tanning products full of chemicals react badly with my skin, but this one didn't. This product is perfect; it goes on really easily, leaves you with super moisturised skin, provides a lovely hint of natural colour; you can develop a darker colour over a couple of days and does not streak. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone......! (Posted on 16/10/2012)

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For a golden and sun-kissed glow, apply body moisturiser evenly to clean, dry skin once a day.
Always ensure you wash your hands after use and avoid contact with clothes until moisturiser is fully absorbed.

N.B. This product does not contain a sunscreen and will not protect against sunburn.
Elemental Herbology supports responsible sun exposure in accordance with the guidelines published by the World Health Organisation.

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